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Silicone Rubber Cord/Rod               

Color: Orange Red 
Surface:  Smooth OD
Temperature Range: -60° to 390° F

Description: Silicone Rubber Cord and Silicone Rubber Rod made from a 70 durometer silicone.  Commonly used for O-Rings but is used widely in many other applications.  Silicone rubber rods have outstanding ability to be resilient against harsh chemical and industrial chemicals.  The Silicone cords material is also used in seal applications with the ability to withstand environmental extremes without the impending issues of thermal cycling causing the seals to break.

 Used for O-rings, Seals, Slip rings, gaskets, bumpers, recoil rubber, laboratory uses, clean room gasketing, air purifier seals, electrical insulation, through hole electronic arcing prevention.

Rubber Sheet Roll will custom cut to your specific dimensions or size. Please contact us for custom pricing.

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10 FT 25 FT 50 FT
OD (Inches) Price Each Price Each Price Each
.062 $7.04 $16.72 $30.97
.093 $9.29 $22.07 $40.88
.125 $13.52 $32.10 $59.47
.187 $19.15 $45.47 $84.25
.250 $21.96 $52.16 $96.63
.312 $30.41 $72.22 $133.80
.375 $41.39 $98.30 $182.12
.437 $62.23 $147.79 $273.80
.500 $68.98 $163.84 $303.53
.625 $125.30 $297.58 $551.31
.750 $177.67 $421.97 $781.75
1.00 $344.92 $819.19 $1,517.66


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