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Silicone is well noted for its high temperature rating.  Have you ever thought about where you will go when you die?  You better hope it is not hell because your temperature rating will not hold up to eternity in a lake of fire.  You better check who you serve ...

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Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber has is a very versatile material by the mere fact that the temperature range is more extreme than other synthetics rubber. The silicone rubber is inert, very flexible and can be used in medical and FDA environments. In addition to temperature, silicone rubber has superior resistance to water and makes an excellent electrical insulator.

We have several types of silicone listed such as the transparent / translucent, FDA and cloth inserted silicone materials. Either place your order online with using our secure online store or call our friendly and professional sales associates at 866.834.8606 to place your order.

Choose from the different types of Silicone Rubber below.

Silicone Rubber Rolls

Commercial Grade Silicone

High Temperature Silicone

Cloth Inserted Silicone

silicone rubber roll silicone rubber general purpose commercial grade high temp silicone rubber silicone rubber cloth inserted
Silicone rubber in roll form.  Rolls up to 66 Ft long and 36 Inches Wide. Commercial grade silicone rubber sheet is adaptable to most industrial and institutional applications. High Temp silicone rubber sheet boasts an incredible max operating temperature of 600° F .  Fiberglass, Polyester or cotton inserted silicone rubber sheet has amazing strength and temperature.
Textured Silicone Rubber FDA Approved Silicone Rubber Transparent Silicone Translucent Silicone
textured silicone rubber fda approved silicone rubber transparent silicone rubber translucent silicone rubber
A Criss Cross / diamond type pattern imbedded in silicone gives it a non slip and anti skid surface Silicone rubber sheet that is safe for working around food, FDA approval for restaurants & kitchens. Transparent Silicone sheet is semi clear but not murky.  Easy to see through. Translucent silicone rubber sheet has an opaque, milky color and is not clear.
NSF & High Purity Silicone Rubber Military Specification ZZR-765 Silicone Silicone Tube
Silicone Cord
Silicone Rubber Strips
nsf Medical Grade platinum cured silicone rubber zzr 765 silicone rubber
NSF Silicone Rubber sheet made for medical and sanitary applications. Silicone rubber sheet per zzr-765, military grade and specified rubber please call for availability. Silicone Rubber Tube and Silicone Rubber Rods and Cords in many sizes. Silicone Rubber Strips for gasketing and stripping in clean environments.
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