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Rubber Gaskets and Rubber Seals Parts Fabrication

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At Rubber Sheet Roll, one of our primary manufacturing activities is fabricating Gaskets from rubber. From custom rubbe
r gaskets to standard shapes such as rubber washers made from synthetic or natural rubber compounds. We have a large stock of rubber gasket material on hand allowing us to provide our customers with a quick turn on production rubber gaskets or rubber seals.

Small rubber gaskets (mechanical seals), rubber diaphragms, rubber seals and some rubber washers are cut on automatic machines, larger gaskets are cut with a steel rule die on clicker press machines or 48 inch hydraulic press.

neoprene rubber gasketWhen the dimensions exceed the material width, the gasket is made up in sections and jointed together using an adhesive compatible with the type of rubber and suitable for the gasket or rubber diaphragm application.

Rubber washers, gaskets and rubber pads can be supplied ‘kiss-cut’ on coils to provide our customers with less assembly time on the floor. We have many years experience with supplying and applying the correct adhesives to work with the rubber gaskets we fabricate.

Careful selection of adhesive ensures an everlasting bond while maintaining suitable operating temperatures for rubber gaskets.
silicone rubber gasket
Our sales engineers are ready to help your team complete your project on time and within budget when a quality rubber gasket is needed.

Small to Large Run Production
Fast Prototype Delivery
Extensive Material Selection
Rotary Dies
Lathe Cutting
Die Cutting

Feel free to email us with any questions or comments you may have.
Our rubber gaskets make perfect sealants.