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antistatic neoprene rubberAnti-Static Rubber
Color: Black 
Surface:  Smooth
Temperature Range: -30° to 220° F

Description: Anti-static neoprene rubber is treated with an antistatic agent during manufacture. Neoprene antistatic sheets provide 105 Ωm conductive value making it an excellent choice for sensitive electronic components.  Antistatic neoprene rubber prevents or inhibits the buildup of static electricity.  Use din conjunction with other ESD materials to remove the discharge or sparks.  Non marking, good for clean rooms on the floor or low dust applications.

Application: Work benches and floors that should be electrically insulated, table mats, IC tray buffers, static dissipation, solder removal, circuit board preparation, circuit board rework, lead trimming, edge connector assembly, paper converting, printing, material handling, film processing, and packaging.

Antistatic Neoprene Rubber Technical Specifications:


.062" (1/16 Inch) Thick   .125" (1/8 Inch) Thick   .250" (1/4 Inch) Thick
Inches Inches PRICE EA.   Inches Inches PRICE EA.   Inches Inches PRICE EA.
W L   W L   W L
36 36 $228.60   36 36 $342.36   36 36 $640.44
36 48 $304.80   36 48 $456.48   36 48 $853.92
36 96 $609.60   36 96 $912.96   36 96 $1,707.84





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