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Gum Rubber

Color:  Tan / Off White / Black
Temperature Range:  -30° to 150°

Smooth finish. Natural Rubber or Pure Gum Rubber. Full-floating, natural rubber. For installation requiring high tensile and elongation characteristics along with superior abrasion resistance. Also for applications requiring a soft rubber seal. Conforms to irregular flanges with bolt heads. Resists most organic salts, acids, alkalis, and ammonia. Non-marking gum rubber material has an excellent tear strength and is a resilient type of rubber that doesn't hold memory.  Gum rubber also has a self healing ability making it ideal for shooting ranges.  Gum Rubber is also abrasion resistant making it a good fit for sand blasting booths.

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Gum Rubber

Synthetic Gum Rubber

Gum rubber is used in most applications that can use a elastic material. Synthetic gum rubber is a great material that has superior elasticity.

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